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The Cookies Workshop

Association “Future for Children” supports grown children with disabilities, encourage them by giving them the opportunity to develop their capabilities to work in a small cookie workshop where, together with a professional confectioner, they prepare and bake cookies for every day or holidays. The Workshop’s cookies reach customers all over the country. By doing this the organisation tries to create sustainability and longer-term youth employment.


Botanika Life Foundation

Botanika Life Foundation is a non-governmental organization for public benefit that supports entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation among young people. The foundation implements activities in the field of ecology, agriculture, horticulture and permaculture. The social enterprise concept of the Botanika Life Foundation includes the realization of economic activity through the Botanika guest house, the offering of thematic courses for adults and the realization of agricultural production. With the funds from these activities, the foundation supports young people aged 18-29 for their development in the field of sustainable agriculture.


The Bread Houses Network

The Bread Houses Network started as part of the global network of International Council for Cultural Centres (I3C). The first Bread House was born as an innovative community cultural centre in the town of Gabrovo and grew into an innovative social enterprise kneading together the space of a community cultural centre and a community bakery, where people engage with art while the bread is being baked in the traditional fire oven. 

The network trains people from Bulgaria and all over the world through the platform “Bread Therapy” so they apply the model of mixed paid and free services in their countries as a social franchise model. In the programmes participate people with disabilities, refugees, minorities, victims of violence.

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Zakrilnitsi Association

Association “ZAKRILNICI” is a non-governmental organisation established for public benefit in July 2015 in the city of Montana. Organisation’s main activity is supporting the social integration and personal fulfillment of children, youth, adults and families in a disadvantaged position. Support to improve the well-being of all vulnerable groups of society, namely: children at risk, persons and families at risk, children and/or children with disabilities, disadvantaged persons. Development and strengthening of civil society.


Tsvetnitsa Association

The association “Tsvetnitsa” is a non-profit organisation for public benefit. Since 2009, the Association has been developing and managing projects financed by the EU. The Association offers social services in line with European criteria and standards in all spheres of public life.

Main activities in favour of the vulnerable groups in society:

  • Professional and personal development of financially challenged people, citizens with difficult family situations, permanently unemployed, and disadvantaged people through various qualifications and requalification
  • Promotion of Bulgarian culture and history
  • Help and assistance to artists before the institutions for their rights, interests and opportunities for presentation.
  • Stimulation of youth development, physical education and sports.


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