Policy Paper

The “EMPOWER” policy paper explores the rising importance of social enterprises in creating economies that are both inclusive and sustainable. These enterprises uniquely address societal and environmental issues while also fostering economic growth. As our societal challenges evolve, the prominence of social enterprises as agents of change becomes even more apparent. This document gleans insights from established social enterprises to guide budding entrepreneurs, highlighting both the challenges faced and innovative solutions employed. It offers strategic advice for both industry practitioners and policymakers who aim to nurture this burgeoning sector. These strategies have been informed by the practical experiences encountered during the EMPOWER project. In addition, the paper showcases exemplary success stories from leading social enterprises. Anchored in the Erasmus+ European program, the EMPOWER initiative seeks to strengthen the foundation of social enterprises and support young entrepreneurs by seamlessly connecting professional and youth-centric realms. To find out more, go through the policy paper document below.

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