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Simulation scenario 1 – Slash the Mountain

In a world where addressing sustainability challenges has become increasingly complex, the
need for a paradigm shift in business thinking is evident. This simulation aims to empower social
entrepreneurs to think innovatively and provide vital support in the early stages of creating a
sustainable social enterprise. Young entrepreneurs will learn essential skills like mind mapping,
design thinking, and effective communication (including marketing and crowdfunding strategies).
By the end of this simulation, participants will be able to define sustainability, explain the role of
social enterprises in sustainability, outline the steps to build a social enterprise, and understand
the concept of a circular economy. They will also acquire practical skills in applying design
thinking strategies, structuring a business creatively, and collaborating effectively within a team.
The scenario involves participants taking on different roles to develop a sustainable social
enterprise, addressing challenges related to reducing plastic waste in Empowerland. It
encourages research and preparation, followed by group presentations to an investor who
provides feedback and evaluates their proposals.


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