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Module 2 – Management of social Innovation

This module provides a practical guide to effective strategies for handling social innovations. Learners begin with “Unit 1: Introduction to Social Innovation,” gaining an understanding of its transformative essence. Moving on to “Unit 2: Social Innovation Stages,” the exploration of key phases that drive successful initiatives unfolds. Transitioning to “Unit 3: Introduction to Management of Enterprise,” learners acquire insights into how management drives social innovation. Completion of Module 2 results in a defined understanding of social innovation, recognition of its stages, and comprehension of management’s pivotal role. Learners explore management’s dimensions and identify areas where social innovation thrives. As learners progress through these units, they master the art of managing social innovations, gaining the ability to navigate complexities and effectively foster positive change.


  • Module activity
  • Evaluation and Assessment
  • Module Presentation
  • Compendium
  • Guidelines
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