Biodiesel production, environmental education at schools

Year founded: 2011

Website: www.tiganokinisi.eu

“Teganokinisi” is an initiative operating successfully in Cyprus, where the focus is on collecting and repurposing used cooking oil into biodiesel. This initiative has been effectively implemented in more than 400 schools across the country. It initially commenced as a pilot project in 2011, involving 10 schools in various grades within the Aglantzia municipality. Following its success, it expanded to become a nationwide effort starting in September 2013. The primary objective of Teganokinisi is twofold: firstly, to promote the recycling of cooking oil, thus benefiting the environment, and secondly, to allocate resources for environmental education within schools. This initiative is a clear demonstration of Cyprus’s dedication to both sustainability and education. It effectively transforms discarded cooking oil into a valuable resource while simultaneously educating students about environmental matters. 

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