The Loop Co.

<strong>The Loop Co.</strong>

The Loop Co. is a Portuguese technology company specialising in Circular Economy business models. The company has developed a software and logistics solution, LoopOS, which enables brands and retailers to establish reuse pathways for their products. The system operates with durable goods, reducing carbon footprint and generating new revenue streams for companies through the sale of reconditioned products.

Main activities:

  • BabyLoop is a platform for buying and selling childcare items. It brought the best e-commerce practices to the second-hand market, ensuring secure payments and billing, fast deliveries, return and warranty policies and quality control on all products.
  • Book in Loop is an online bookstore that aims to make back to school season more sustainable and affordable. In addition to selling new and used school textbooks, as well as sustainable school supplies, it also allows for the purchase and sale of graphing calculators.
  • FiberLoop is an intelligent monitoring solution that uses fibre optics to simultaneously measure temperature and humidity over kilometres of length. Thousands of points are acquired with just one acquisition system and one fibre optic.
  • Loop OS is an end-to-end circular economy platform that allows retailers to create and manage their own second-hand businesses with all that entails, ranging from item appraisals, collections, refurbishments and shipping.
  • Zero Cups are a smart packaging solution (IoT) capable of being reused countless times in a retail context, maintaining all product traceability and information. It connects to a sensored logistics system that allows you to prepare the filling of packages quickly and automatically.
  • Reverse Vending Machines: designed to facilitate the implementation of reverse vending machines on a national level, this platform mediates the transaction of plastic bottles for incentives. It provides users with a digital wallet and allows agencies to get creative with the rewards.



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