Clothing Recycling

Year founded: 1986


The Pancyprian Association of Cancer Patients and Friends, or ΠΑΣΥΚΑΦ, began in 1986 as a group of volunteers and former cancer patients dedicated to aiding cancer patients and raising awareness about cancer-related issues. Their mission has since expanded to offer various support services, including home care, socio-psychological support, and free transportation to medical centres, all funded by donations and charity events.

In 2013, ΠΑΣΥΚΑΦ initiated a clothing recycling program for two main reasons: to generate income and reduce clothing waste. The program started successfully, leading to an increasing number of donated items. To enhance this effort, ΠΑΣΥΚΑΦ partnered with a foreign company to operate a clothing recycling program.

Initially, they placed 30 recycling bins in 2013, but by 2018, around 400 recycling bins were spread across Cyprus, highlighting the impressive growth of ΠΑΣΥΚΑΦ’s recycling initiative. This expansion not only aids the association financially but also plays a crucial role in reducing clothing waste and benefiting the environment.

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