Kara BoBowski

<strong>Kara BoBowski</strong>

he history of the cooperative, named Kara Bobowski in memory of a girl with disabilities, began in 1992 thanks to a small group of mothers and fathers of “special” children,  eager to do something concrete for their children and for all boys and girls with problems living in their community. In 1987 these families founded  a voluntary association GAD (Parents and Friends of the Disabled), which aimed to provide other families with psychological support and information.

Thanks to the initiative of some young women, who were members of the GAD association, it was decided to establish the Kara Bobowski Social Cooperative, a real social enterprise, which wanted to guarantee continuity and professionalism to the already developed services and to remain closely linked to the territory.

Besides the services provided to people with disabilities, at home, in schools, in the modern daily and residential center “The Dragonfly” and in the socio-occupational laboratory “The Ladybird”, the Kara Bobowski has contributed to:

  • launch additional services for children in the towns of Tredozio and Portico, with the aim of supporting young families with children;
  • create youth information centers where young people can find not only information but also a place where they can be together, share their interests, as well as receive support and advice to take part in mobility projects, active citizenship and European voluntary services;
  • establish, in collaboration with the Cooperative Sadurano, a new Type B Cooperative called “Green Embrace” which is active in the field of social tourism and green, and in which some disadvantaged young people have been integrated.

Moreover, since 1997, thanks to the initiative of its President, the Kara Bobowski has opened its doors to Europe in the belief that the best ideas always arise from the comparison with others.

The Cooperative operates in the following fields of activity:

  • daily and residential social rehabilitation assistance for disabled minors, youths and adults;
  • educational service for minors and early childhood;
  • scholastic assistance;
  • domiciliary assistance service for disabled and disadvantaged minors, youths and adults
  • planning and provision of a work centre for people with physical and mental disabilities and/or social disadvantages.

Email: progettazione@karabobowski.com 

Website:  https://www.karabobowski.org/en/ 

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