Just a change

<strong>Just a change</strong>

Just a Change is a non-profit rebuilding association in Portugal that aims to enhance living conditions for underprivileged individuals and families, particularly those unable to manage essential home repairs. By rallying volunteers and experts, they create secure, wholesome living spaces. Their model merges volunteerism, local partnerships and renovations, creating lasting change by forging sustainable housing solutions. 

Main activities:

  • Mobilisation of local agents to identify cases of housing poverty and apply Just a Change criteria to select cases for intervention. Once the interventions are defined, Just a Change organises the key resources needed for project execution, focusing also on establishing a connection with its beneficiaries and managing partner relationships to enhance social cohesion. During the intervention, beneficiaries are encouraged to engage actively.
  • Summer camps, a program for older volunteers with the format of a summer camp in rural areas of Portugal. In partnership with several Municipal Councils, Foundations and Companies, they rebuilt several houses, scattered from north to south of Portugal, during the months of July, August and September.
  • Workshops Keep up, a program of intensive volunteering in Lisbon and Oporto which lasts 4 hours a day, over 4 days.
  • Social impact corporate experiences. Just a Change organises social team building activities.

Email: geral@justachange.pt

Website: https://justachange.pt/en/

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