<strong>CONSORZIO ICARO</strong>

Icaro is a consortium of social cooperatives, which is inspired by the values of social cooperation and pursues the welfare of individuals and the community of reference (Art. 4 of the Statute). Born in 1995 from the union of a number of cooperatives in the province of Caserta, at present, it represents one of the most visible and authoritative Social Cooperation realities in the Campania Region, uniting about 30 type A and B social cooperatives The Consortium of Social Cooperatives ‘Icaro’, born from the felt need of the founding social cooperatives to formulate concrete answers to the needs of socially weak categories, from the very beginning, has focused its action on the study and research of intervention models for the care and treatment of all pathologies that create a progressive detachment of the subject from the social fabric. In fact, the Corporate Mission of the Icaro Consortium is to provide increasingly comprehensive and advanced services to all users and, at the same time, to offer worker members better working conditions, both economically and professionally. In recent years, the Icaro Consortium has broadened its scope of interest – initially focused on minors at risk of involvement in criminal activities – to all socially weak categories (the elderly, minors, mentally and physically disabled, drug addicts, etc.), realizing “personal services,” such as socio-educational and socio-health care, job placement, training, as well as managing residential and semi-residential reception facilities intended for such users.

Main activities:

  • The Icaro Consortium has consolidated significant experience in managing services aimed at meeting people’s needs and defending and protecting human rights, with a view to integrating territorial resources and promoting local development. The “Service Coordination” Area is responsible for coordinating the services of member cooperatives for the elderly, people with physical and mental disabilities, minors and adolescents in difficulty, job placement of socially disadvantaged people, substance addicts, former prisoners
  • Icaro offers Project development and/or planning support for member cooperatives wishing to participate in national and/or local calls for proposals in the various areas of expertise (minors, disability, the elderly, equal opportunities, and worldliness). The service also includes reporting of funded projects, i.e., support for certification and reporting of expenses that member cooperatives incur in participating in nationally and locally funded projects promoting social cooperation.
  • The Icaro Consortium, through collaboration with the main universities in Campania and with the S.S.S. Consortium of Avellino, organizes and coordinates refresher, continuing education and research activities for the social, social-health and social-educational professions working in the various welfare sectors managed by its member cooperatives.



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