CIM Onlus

<strong>CIM Onlus</strong>

IM Onlus was born in February 2011 from the meeting of the paths, professional and life, of a group of experts, Italian and foreign, of migration and international cooperation. The bet of the opening of this cooperative stemmed from our desire to make available our expertise in immigration legislation to promote the socio-work inclusion of migrants living in Italy and to support the diaspora, present in the territory, in the transfer of skills in the country of origin. Precisely to give life to this work of “bridging” the transfer of knowledge and technical skills, both ours and those of the Senegalese diaspora, in May 2011 CoopCIM was also born, the Senegalese part of CIM onlus that has allowed our reality to collaborate both with Senegalese associations present in the territory of the Emilia Romagna region and with a part of local authorities in Senegal. The last small branch of CIM onlus arrived in 2016 in Abruzzo, entering into an agreement with the Italian Red Cross Committee (CRI) of Cepagatti (PE) and starting projects with associations and public bodies in the area regarding the integration of foreign citizens.

Main activities:

  • Study Center: CIM onlus is also a Study Center, whose researchers are engaged in the design, implementation, and dissemination of research on issues related to migration and decentralized cooperation together with Municipalities and Universities. The research in which CIM cooperative is engaged aims to identify good practices, disseminate them, and implement interventions.
  • Legal Advice: The CIM onlus desk was created as an aid to foreign citizens who too often feel at the mercy of our country’s complicated immigration legislation. The cooperative offers a complete service, from taking charge of the file until the withdrawal of the clearance in the prefecture, dealing with practices related to entry visas and applications for the issuance and/or renewal of residence permits.
  • International Cooperation: Since 2011, CIM Onlus has been carrying out international cooperation, decentralized cooperation and partnership building projects. These activities are also carried out in collaboration with members of the diaspora to create opportunities for co-development and ensure a dignified life for communities in the countries of origin. The activities carried out abroad by the CIM cooperative are carried out in partnership with NGO Associations, cooperatives, Local Authorities, Schools, Universities and Research Institutes in Italy and in the countries of intervention. These ways of working allow the consolidation of international networks and ensure that some foreigners living in Italy can operate in their countries of origin according to the skills acquired during the years of work abroad, through the transfer of specific know-how.



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