Agia Skepi

Agia Skepi

Social inclusion & Rehabilitation

Year founded: 1999


Agia Skepi is a foundation established in 1999 to support individuals dealing with long-term substance abuse and their families. It’s located on 50 acres of land near Nicosia, generously provided by the Holy Abbey of Machaira. Financial support comes from the Association of Friends of Agia Skepi, all aimed at helping people overcome drug and alcohol addiction.

One vital part of Agia Skepi’s program is to help its members reintegrate into society through meaningful employment. Since 2011, community members have been farming the land and producing organic products like fruits, vegetables, dairy, eggs, and bread. However, the demand often exceeds the supply, so they also import dry foods, which community members package. These products are sold under the brand name “Agia Skepi Bio” in major supermarkets in Nicosia and Limassol.

What makes Agia Skepi special is its shared values between organic farming and rehabilitation. These values include a commitment to sustainability, hard work, respect for nature, and pride in individual accomplishments. It’s a heart-warming effort to help people recover while also respecting the environment and promoting personal growth and dignity.

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