The 55+ association exists to celebrate the talent and experience of individuals aged 55 and above, creating work opportunities for them to pursue their ambitions. Through an online platform, the association offers a range of services provided by true experts with years of experience in various fields, all while contributing to keeping many people active and content.

The platform is divided in four core areas: support, home, lessons and repair. In each areas several services are available for people to purchase. 

  • Support: Accompanying a senior to a meeting at the bank, supermarket, or a medical appointment. The platform provides a trusted expert to assist the senior in task execution or for companionship. It can be also pet care.
  • Home: Maintenance, creation of gardens, and consultancy. Culinary experiences, cleaning, sewing, ironing, and other home-related services.
  • Lessons: Provide music and language lessons for those interested. 
  • Repairs: Provides qualified professionals to help resolve issues related to electricity, plumbing, and/or DIY.

Email: info@55mais.pt

Website: 55mais.pt/ 

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